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I don’t Know? Should I Know?

by admin on November 2, 2011

I despise PROJECT: Fe.ii. This isn’t news. PROJECT: Fe.ii is unnecessary, redundant, unnecessarily redundant and (worst of most) costly. Today, while I was reluctantly cleaning the smell of bitches from head office, I repeatedly relocated a box marked URGENT. Over here, over there.  Here, there and back. I stared at it, several times, long and hard. This […]


Destination Proliferation

by Thomas on May 11, 2011

*disclaimer – if you work in the manufacturing/engineering/design field, this won’t be new to you, but maybe you’ll enjoy the pictures.* I personally find it hard to believe that I was still in school barely over a year ago. While time has flown, it seems like eons ago that I was prepping for exams and […]


Feral Ferrous – an update

by Thomas on April 11, 2011

As promised, Keith, er, Rowan, from Reynolds has come back with some news. I’d say he’s the messenger bearing good news: Tubes! Bent! Really! Not crinkled and shitty, but really bent, all smoothly and what not. Top Tube: This sample is for the new XXS-sized frame. Chainstay: Now that we’ve got some tangible results, this […]


The Young & The Ferrous – A Soap Opera

by Thomas on March 25, 2011

Last week was meant to be a big announcement, that the our tubes were to be shipped from Columbus. Custom-drawn, niobium-doped, HSLA-sexytime. However, “pepperonium” (as Peter insisted on calling it), took a turn for the wurst. Apparently thin-walled steel is significantly harder to bend than cured pork. But let’s take a step backwards, to get […]


Rainbows, Revisited

by Thomas on November 22, 2010

When it comes to making rainbows, I’ve written about the what. I’ve written about the how. Of course, those are both pretty much useless without the why. Or is it the who? I’m not really sure. Anyway, keep reading, and maybe you can help me by deciding for yourself. Its all well and good to […]


Dissent Fe: Mk II!

by Thomas on August 24, 2010

As has been well documented already, the Fe has sputtered, wheezed, started again, hiatus-ified, and generally been a source of Psycle uncertainty. However, some people insist on buying things that are ‘real.’ As goes the saying, “steel is real” – I never doubted the reality of the material, nor did I doubt aluminium, titanium, or even […]